• Endorsed by the Democratic Attorneys General Association
  • Endorsed by Current AG Racine and
    Prior AG Nathan
  • Endorsed by the Washington Post
  • Running as a Fair Elections Candidate

Meet Brian Schwalb

I have lived and worked as a lawyer in this city for nearly thirty years. I’ve spent my entire professional life fighting for people who are confronting difficult legal, business and life challenges. I’ve advocated fiercely for their rights both inside and outside of the courtroom. I have the skills and experience to fight effectively for what matters to DC residents the most and to win on their behalf.

My Pledge to Fight for You

I see a Washington with abundant resources and limitless promise. I also see a Washington where those resources and that promise are not shared equitably by everyone. We must use the law to ensure that our city is a place where all people can afford to live, work and raise their families; a place where people can create jobs and build wealth; a place where everyone is safe from gun violence, environmental hazards, discrimination and hate; a place where democratic values are protected and celebrated; and a place where our collective prosperity is shared by every resident. As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to make that vision a reality for all District residents.

I pledge to use the tools of the Office of the Attorney General to put the law on your side. I believe that when the law is put to work for the people, it is the most powerful tool we have to make our city and our world a more just, equitable, kind, and safe place. This important work has already been started by incumbent Attorney General Karl Racine, and I will continue building on that strong foundation.

My Pledge to Fight for You

Endorsements by Washington, DC's
Current and Former Attorneys General

“Brian will be an Attorney General who protects our families and children, our environment, our neighborhoods, our housing, our civil rights, our tax dollars, our small businesses, our wage-earners, our democratic values and our most vulnerable neighbors. He will bring a calm and steady dedication to working collaboratively and effectively with those who have the same goals for the District. He will do it because he cares about his home, the District of Columbia, and his neighbors, all the city’s residents who also call this city home.”

-Irv Nathan, Former Attorney General of the District of Columbia
I Am Ready to Lead

I Am Ready to Lead

I have the depth and breadth of legal experience to hit the ground running as the People’s Attorney. Under my leadership, the Office of the Attorney General will use the tools of the law to ensure that every resident – adult and child – gets a fair chance and a real opportunity to succeed.

I will call on my decades of experience to recruit, train, retain and lead the hundreds of talented legal professionals that are part of the OAG team, and I will strategically and effectively deploy the office’s fiscal resources to secure meaningful results for all Washingtonians.

A Message from the Co-Chairs

As District residents, parents, fellow lawyers and decades-long friends of Brian, we are proud to Co-Chair his campaign to be the next independently-elected DC Attorney General. Brian is committed to a DC where all who live here enjoy equally the protection of the law and the resources of our great city. We believe Brian can and will deliver on this vision. Brian’s sound judgment, exceptional legal skills and leadership experience uniquely qualify him to take the helm as DC’s chief legal officer, and his firm resolve to put the law to work for District residents will improve our lived experiences. From law school classmate to close friend to colleague, we know Brian to be a person of profound integrity, who is deeply committed to democratic principles and to serving others. He will be an attorney general for the people – all of us. This is why we are working to make Brian the next Attorney General of Washington, DC and hope you will join us in supporting his campaign.
Dipa Mehta and Tracy Ballard
Co-Chairs, Brian for DC

A Message from the Co-Chairs

I am proud to participate in the District’s Fair Elections Program. This means that our campaign is powered by you, the people of DC – not PACS or corporations. If you live in DC, your donation will be matched five-to-one. Feel the power of your voice and join us today!

The maximum contribution to Brian’s campaign under the Fair Elections public financing program is $200 per individual.

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