The Office of the Attorney General has broad authority to safeguard and enhance the quality of life for all residents of the District. The independence and effectiveness of the Office of the Attorney General is critical to just about every aspect of our lives, from the safety of our neighborhoods to the sanctity of our democracy. It is a job that requires technical legal skill, superior judgment, and the practiced ability to manage and lead the large team of talented legal professionals who represent the interests of our city and each of its residents. It is also a job that requires independence because, at the end of the day, being an effective Attorney General is not about being popular – it’s about fairly, impartially, and effectively enforcing the laws to make the lives of Washingtonians better, safer and more just.

Enhancing Public Safety

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to deploy a comprehensive public safety strategy. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Work in close coordination with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, local law enforcement agencies in Maryland and Virginia, and district agencies to ensure transparent and effective sharing of information to assist with the lawful arrest and prosecution of adults who commit felonies in our city
  • Provide young people opportunities to achieve their full potential, recognizing that we all win when kids stay out of the criminal justice system and, if they do get into trouble, use evidence-based data to employ appropriate diversion and other education, mental health, counseling and coaching programs to help them get back on track
  • Collaborate with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to identify high-risk youth who are repeat offenders, ensure that youthful offenders, particularly those who commit violent crimes and crimes with guns are held swiftly accountable, and partner with MPD during investigations to ensure that cases can be closed efficiently with admissible and constitutionally-obtained evidence
  • Provide safe passage for children walking or biking on city streets, and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists by holding accountable reckless drivers who violate DC traffic laws
  • Coordinate with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and neighboring jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia to share information and to collaborate on effective prosecution strategies for offenders who cross jurisdictional lines

Protecting Consumers

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to bring swift and aggressive action against anyone who takes advantage of District residents, including our vulnerable youth and senior citizens. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Defend residents against slumlords, predatory lenders, scam artists and others who engage in deceptive or abusive acts that cause significant financial harm to consumers and that erode consumer confidence
  • Pursue the full array of civil remedies against persons or companies that seek to defraud District residents, including claims for restitution, civil penalties, injunctive relief and the revocation of professional licenses
  • Work closely with other State Attorneys General, regional law enforcement partners and our federal agencies on transactions, investigations and cases that involve multi-jurisdictional offenders

Safeguarding Our Environment

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to fight for clean air and water for all who live in the District and to protect the sanctity of our city’s land. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Aggressively enforce District environmental laws whose de-prioritization disproportionately impacts lower-income residents and communities of color
  • Seek opportunities to participate in multi-jurisdictional environmental litigation that benefits the District
  • Monitor and address weaknesses in the District’s infrastructure that adversely impact our natural resources, including the strategic use of any funds received into the District from the federal Infrastructure Bill

Ensuring Businesses Play By The Rules

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to pursue employers who take advantage of their employees. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Aggressively prosecute employers who fail to pay their employees all of the wages, overtime and benefits they have earned, or who misclassify their employees as independent contractors, thereby enriching themselves at the expense of their workers
  • Expand the work of the OAG to address other practices that negatively impact workers, such as human and labor trafficking
  • Advocate for enhanced legislation that protects workers who come forward with claims of wage theft or discrimination, including protection from retaliation
  • Identify when algorithms and artificial intelligence discriminatorily disadvantage people based on their race, zip code or other impermissible classifications
  • Expand the OAG’s aggressive focus on slumlords who intentionally fail to maintain safe, habitable, code-compliant homes to renters, particularly where property owners are engaged in the illegal practice of constructive eviction
  • Ensure that District residents who are the victims of substandard living conditions know how to access the OAG as a resource ready, willing and able to fight on their behalf

Standing Up For Democratic Values

As your Attorney General, I will use the power of the law to aggressively defend the civil rights of DC residents and visitors to our city, including the First Amendment right of free speech and expression. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Work closely with law enforcement agencies prior to events that are likely to draw crowds and protest to ensure advance preparation, collaboration and communication
  • Incorporate the OAG’s Public Safety Division into command centers to help develop evidence against those who violate the law, while also counseling law enforcement on what constitutes lawful, constitutionally-protected expressions and assembly
  • Ensure that MPD, the Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies have an OAG-designated contact point during events or protests to ensure that hateful events like the January 6, 2021 insurrection never occur again, and that anyone who incites or participates in violence in our city is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law
  • Expand the OAG’s role as a national thought leader, standing in coalition with State Attorneys General across the country on important issues impacting civil rights, reproductive rights, the LGBTQ+ community, voting rights, gun control and the imperative to fight hate in whatever form it takes

Securing Meaningful Home Rule And Advocating For DC Statehood

As your Attorney General, I will work to expand the number and nature of meaningful decisions that our city’s elected officials can make. Among other things, I pledge to:

  • Maximize the autonomy of the District of Columbia under the Home Rule Act of 1973
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness of the OAG as an integral part of our ongoing efforts to persuade Congress to recognize DC Statehood